California’s two most recent former governors will visit Clovis on Thursday to celebrate a milestone in solar panel installation.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown will appear at an event hosted by a coalition of solar power advocates to celebrate the one millionth solar roof installation since the passage of a 2006 bill signed by Schwarzenegger. The assembly takes place at a 1:30 p.m. at the CTE Academy amphitheater at Buchanan High School.

Schwarzenegger Signed Solar Initiative in 2006

Schwarzenegger signed SB 1, known as the Million Solar Roofs initiative in 2006, authored by former state Sen. Kevin Murray. The program incentivized public utility companies, and home builders to use solar.

The state reached the million solar panel milestone in July.

About the CTE Academy

The CTE Academy opened in 2010, with the goal of students learning about green energy. The $5.2 million project features turbines, solar panels, and other green features.

Students will also be on hand for the ceremony.

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  1. Richard A. Fisher

    Dear Mr. Schwarzenegger,
    First and foremost you’re my idol and I’ve been training all my life with your inspiration. Although I’m a heart patient congestive heart failure two heart attacks three strokes 8 stents an operating on one kidney which is giving me guff for the year. By bodybuilding and in my younger days powerlifting with your energy no pun intended I was able to get through to have better days for the future.The nature of my communication today. Is your visit today in Clovis CA. I’m an energy expert with over 25 years experience. If I may, I would love to entertain a conversation our emails pertaining to the future of America and quite frankly the whole world. May you Family & Team Schwarzenegger have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year SirGod bless you & Family.

    R. A. F. CO.
    Richard A. Fisher 559-639-0199
    Renewable Affordable Future


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