I came to Nunes Country this week to talk to folks about their representative, an ardent defender of President Trump who denigrates Democrats, the free press, the impeachment committees and anyone else who gets in Trump’s way. The 22nd Congressional District spans parts of Fresno and Tulare counties. In 2016, Trump won the district by 8.5 percentage points, but Democrats are making inroads. In 2018, Nunes’ margin of victory — 5 points — was his slimmest ever.

I would love to talk to Nunes, but he does not speak with reporters from most mainstream news organizations. “To be perfectly clear,” Nunes told a CNN reporter as he left one of the impeachment hearings, “I don’t acknowledge any questions from you in this lifetime or the next lifetime. I don’t acknowledge any question from you ever.”

On Thursday morning, I visited Reedley, a small farming town where my father was born. Christmas music was playing from speakers along G Street, the main drag. I met Carol Isaak and Beatrice Esparza. Both are Republicans and big supporters of both Nunes and Trump.

“Nunes handled himself professionally,” said Esparza, 57, who watched the impeachment hearings. “That Schiff guy is ridiculous.”

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  1. Robert

    Unfortunately residents of Fresno and Tulare counties are just as ridiculous as nunes. They are narrow minded still living in the eighteenth century.

    • Pat Howe

      What a stupid ass reply! Well, who
      In hell is Robert? Where is he from?? What assinine remark about “people”/ oh because they didn’t agree with him??
      As a native New Yorker and with a graduate degree I don’t want to feel too pompous over the ignorant one! If that’s the way you judge a city or town – Buster you have a lot to learn.! Well you should have gotten your rear In gear with the great Reagan- Lincoln rnening with DevinNunes and Dr Bictor Davis Hanson ( of the , Hoover Institute ( International Historian and acclaimed everywhere)) They provided a great program with other fantastic guests! Poor Robert – it probably would have been too sophisticated for you- yes from people you ignorantly as an idiot want to grub your nose down on— , we’ll wailing down a street is your forte – – for making judgements! Just
      Put your tail between your legs and leave!!! Oh yes , why would someone as really “nice” as Devin is want to meet with you??!

  2. Mary J Murphy

    The fact that Shifty Schiff is ridiculous is an understatement. He can only have Nasty Nadler as a close second.

  3. Connie Dassance

    The lord is watching you, news people!
    And we the people are tired of your news period………
    About time to call the Patriots to work

  4. John

    As a Hispanic born in Sun Valley, California and raised in Pacoima, Ca (yes, that Pacoima of Richie Valenz fame), it still amazes me and disgusts me when I see a latino totally ignore and blatantly distances themselves from their Hispanic & Latino roots. To see how they easily get corrupted and so narcissistic in their pursuit of all being anything but latino.
    I truly never understood it, it’s like being a Jew and wanting to belong to the White Nationalists Party, or an African American wanting to join the Klan, its mind-boggling how any Latino with even the smallest ounce of Hispanic blood would ever align themselves to the bastardized version of the Republican party. I could see Latinos being part of Regan’s Conservative Party back in the day, but this out right racist, misogynist, un-moral and corrupt Republican Party that minorities continue to clutch their pearl necklace as if the Liberal’s are trying to destroy the world? Just look at any days headlines and you’ll see all the moralities this Republican Party is doing but they the constituent would rather turn both blind eyes to it and go after Americans trying to save our country’s soul and up hold our constitution. So, No, not All Minorities are ok with what Nunez is doing, if he’s ashamed of his bloodline, please does us a favor and just change your last name Duke or Hess!!

  5. Megan

    I defiantly think Nunes is an idiot and a disgrace to the valley. As for Schiff he’s protecting our constitution making sure that no sitting President is above the Law that’s out there for a reason. As a Reedley resident I can say there are many of us living here that do not
    agree with Esparza and Issac we are concerned by the lack of responsibility as our representative to acknowledge the breaking of the law this President has been a part of. As for Nunes well he needs to
    Milk a cow!


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