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Why Did This Valley Police Department Hire So Many Cops with Troubling Pasts?



Photo of "police line do not cross" with blurred lights in the background
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McFARLAND — They hired a cop investigated in an FBI child porn probe, and another caught up in an LAPD burglary ring. They gave a job to an officer who filed a bogus insurance claim for a car his friends dumped in Mexico. And they brought in a cop with a conviction for pulling a gun on his stepdaughter’s friends.
The McFarland Police Department knew that many of its officers had dubious backgrounds — but it hired them anyway. And they weren’t the only ones who got a second chance.
One officer was accused in a lawsuit of having sex with a teenage police explorer scout; another of threatening to jail women if they didn’t have sex with him. At least three more had DUIs.

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