Fresno acting police chief Andy Hall praised his officers for their restraint when arresting a suspect armed with a knife Monday in downtown Fresno.

“I could be standing up here talking about an officer-involved shooting,” Hall told the media at a Tuesday news conference. “The bravery, the professionalism, the restraint of our officers has allowed me to draw attention to this epidemic (of mental illness). I really commend our officers for their restraint.”

Hall, who was sworn in as chief of police Wednesday, spoke about the incident at a news conference arranged by councilman Garry Bredefeld to discuss the homeless issue.

Video Shows Arrest

Arturo Acosta

Fresno police arrested  28-year old Arturo Acosta — accused of stabbing two people on the street. A three-minute body-worn camera video released by police showed Acosta surrounded by police on Fresno Street near E Street waving a knife. Police issued several commands for Acosta to drop the knife.

Acosta appeared to stab himself in the stomach, as police used less lethal methods such as a bean bag gun and a BolaWrap to no avail. The suspect also appeared to hold the knife to his own neck. Officers are heard shouting “less lethal” or “Bola” as they deployed their weapons.

When Acosta approached officers, a Taser was deployed, causing Acosta to drop the knife. He was later restrained and arrested.

Police allege Acosta stabbed an elderly woman and a man described as a good Samaritan who attempted to intervene. Both of them were treated for non-life threatening injuries, according to police.

Fresno police say Acosta is a known member of the Pleasant Street Bulldogs gang, recently released on parole for a home-invasion robbery. He is listed as a transient.

You can watch the video by clicking on the image above.



6 Responses

  1. Dan

    More comedy from Bredefeld. He hasn’t gotten the memo that two substance abuse treatment programs in Fresno just closed recently. The mental health system he’s proposing was dismantled decades ago and will not return. Another Republican moron wanting to ignore the Constitution and laws.

    • Patrice Nagel

      Right on Dan. That’s so true. Republicans including Bredefeld are clueless. I moved out of Fresno for a few years and I was upset to hear that the Rehabs your talking about had shut down. Now that Covered CA requires Medical Insurance Companies to pay for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, people who need these services have nowhere to get help. I’ve been on MAT since 2001 and thankfully my Insurance covered all but $50 s month. The cops are so busy harassing the Needle exchange in Fresno they have no clue what HARM REDUCTION means. We need more treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.and mental health services. These people need treatment not jail

  2. Kathleen

    Bredefeld is not proposing a “mental health system” Dan, he is proposing we stop the ridiculous narrative that the homeless problem is a result of a lack of housing. He is proposing that we stop allowing these drug addicts to “camp” on private and public property and to repeal the moronic laws that have caused this crisis to escalate.

    • Nancy Flynn

      Kathleen if it is not due in part to a ‘lack of housing’ where do you propose the homeless should live if there is not enough low barrier or permanent supportive housing? Where? One suggestion I actually heard from KMJ’s talk show host was to do nothing….no food, no shelter, no services…nothing. The thing we know is that if a person is not mentally ill before they being living on the street, they will become mentally ill shortly thereafter. Please give us your solution which is it…provide shelter or let them roam without help?

  3. Phil

    I don’t like everything Gary does and he’s a bit of a drama queen, but I’m glad he’d trying to DO SOMETHING about this crisis. I can get behind most of what he’s saying. Whatever it takes to get all these people off our streets and out of our businesses and backyards. I have lived and I work downtown and I have a lot of sympathy for people down on their luck but it’s wrong to believe it’s not a choice many of these people are making to be on the streets (and passed out on our sidewalks).

    • Patrice Nagel

      My friend.and I have been working with a homeless family. You have empathy yet you claim homelessness is a choice? No it’s not a choice for 99%. Sure there are a small number of people who don’t be want help,.I know that most do. Have you spoken to any of these people,? If not, please do.


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