Brian Heryford, a fixture on the Clovis Unified School District Board of Trustees since 1996, won’t run for reelection in 2020.

Instead, the insurance brokerage owner and community leader says he will pull up stakes and retire in Washington state.

“My journey is ending,” said Heryford, who is board president. He added that he is happy to leave the district “in great shape.”

Heryford’s announcement means there will be at least one open Clovis Unified seat on the ballot. That likely will encourage people who have thought about running to jump into the fray.

Jonathan Holt already has decided to run.

“CUSD has done a phenomenal job at establishing excellence. I want to uphold that.”Clovis Unified candidate Jonathan Holt

He is a 28-year old financial planner from Clovis and a product of district schools. His two “bonus” daughters attend a Clovis Unified elementary school. By bonus daughters, Holt means although they are not biological, he has helped mentor and raise them.

“Clovis Unified shaped who I am,” Holt said to GV Wire about his motivation to run. “CUSD has done a phenomenal job at establishing excellence. I want to uphold that.”

In that regard, Holt sounds a lot like Heryford.

Holt says he wants to focus on suicide and mental awareness, as well as tackle the opioid problem.

He filed paperwork with the county clerk, intending to run for the Area 4 seat held by Heryford.

Three other seats are on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot: Area 2 (held by Ginny Hovsepian); Area 5 (Steven Fogg); and Area 7 (Christopher Casado).

Update, 8/26/19: The story includes that Holt’s “bonus” daughters attend CUSD schools. Before it just referred to them as “his children.”


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