The roller doors came up, and hundreds of cart-pushing Costco fans ushered in the new era in Clovis.

On Thursday morning, Costco began operations at its new location on Clovis Avenue, south of Shaw Avenue, two miles from its former location at Ashlan and Peach avenues.

Bigger Inside and Out

The new location is bigger — at 170,000 square feet, it is 20,000 more than the old location. The larger space means the need for more employees. Costco hired 70 new workers, bringing the total to 370.

The new Costco has 18 more gas pumps than the old store, for 30 total. The pumps also have an indicator to show which spaces are occupied and which are available. That’s good news for those in line.

Parking is more expansive, with 200 more spaces than the old location.

Also, this Costco features six self-checkout stations, and an automated kiosk at the food court.

As far as the old location, Costco quickly left it a memory. By Wednesday night, the signs on the building were painted over. The company has not publicly said what it plans to do with the building, which it owns.

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  1. Richard J Darby

    GoodWork! The success of Costco and their Kirkland brand should be a lesson to lesser stores that it is always worth the extra effort to do a good job and offer a better product. Customer loyalty will be your reward. Trader Joe’s and their store brand are also very good. Many others, not so much. Whole Foods & Amazon (with your crappy 365 brand) are you paying attention?


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