BAKERSFIELD — Authorities are investigating the death of a woman who was attacked by three dogs, including two pit bulls.

The Bakersfield Police Department says police were called to a Costco parking lot around 6 a.m. Sunday and found a bleeding, injured woman.

The woman died at the scene. Police described her as a transient and didn’t release her name.

“Officers are still looking for any evidence, witnesses and the investigation is ongoing,” said Sgt. Sean Morphis.

Coroner Yet to Determine Cause of Death

Police say the woman was attacked by dogs but the Kern County coroner’s office is still determining the exact cause of her death.

Police spokesman Nathan McCauley told KERO-TV that a pit bull and a mixed-breed dog escaped from a nearby business before the attack. A third dog was a stray pit bull.

McCauley said one dog was euthanized and the others also will be euthanized.

Police said the attack started in a commercial area parallel to Costco. As the attack continued, the woman exited onto Costco’s parking lot through a fence.

Watch: Surveillance Video

5 Responses

  1. Lola

    I wish there were video of the attack. When I was a child I was attached by a Doberman, then along cane a second sibling. It turned out the second sibling was actually protecting me. That dog stopped that the attack by attacking the first dog.
    Now, I told you that to bring a point across. What if one of those dogs were fighting off another dog/dogs in an effort to protect the victim? It has been stated that all three dogs will be euthanized. How sad would that be to kill an innocent dog.
    Don’t ever assume. That is not what they do in other cases. They have to have evidence.

  2. mary jane

    You are spouting typical pitbull drivel. Your excuses are as believable as the nanny dog crap. The dogs were bred for fighting and blood sport. Nothing innocent about these maulers. They rightfully deserve to be euthanized.

  3. Damany

    Chiuahua’s are thee most vicious evil dogs on the planet! Pitbulls are a googolplex times more amiable than Chiuahua’s are! More media hype with “alternative” truths to make pitbulls look unnecessarily harmful! I wonder what NPR would report about this?!!

    • Daniel

      Two year olds are the most violent age for humans!.. How dare you get us worked up over 17 year old gang members!

  4. Kim

    Ignorant people? What to do about people who think they know what’s best. Who think they know the truth of a situation, even though they never witnessed the situation.. (which is usually the case.) These ignorant people need to get off their high horse, pull their head out if their ads, and do a little investigating to get all the facts possible. Because just as this woman states. It isn’t always as it appears. What if this dog ) was only trying to protect this poor woman. (was it her dog possibly) .and it will now be put down because why? All pit bulls are bread for fighting? To the ignorant woman- you really shouldn’t leave these types of comments. You make yourself like an uneducated, angry want to be heard, sad, lonely woman. Pittbulls make awesome family dogs. I have witnessed these dogs time after time in family’s with newborns, toddler’s. Never an incident. Never one year she’d because if these dogs. Go back to school. Idiot! Man kill innocent people! Good Lord!


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