A proposal to cap liquor licenses in Fresno will be delayed a week.

The city is well above the number recommended by state Alcohol Beverage Control, and some parts of Fresno are saturated with stores selling booze.

Councilman Miguel Arias had intended to introduce a resolution Thursday restricting new alcohol licenses and beefing up enforcement of rules already in place.

However, Wednesday afternoon, his office announced a week delay in introducing the ordinance, pushing it back to May 2.

“Small business owners requested additional time to review the policy and obtain clarity from the sponsors. In an effort to continue working with the business community on this important issue, their request will be honored,” Arias said in a news release.

Others Called for Fixes to Resolution

Arias’ announcement followed a request Wednesday by co-sponsor Luis Chavez to delay the vote one week for fine-tuning.

On Monday, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand said that he was opposing the plan because it was too onerous for business owners. However, he told GV Wire on Tuesday that with some fixes to the proposed regulations, “we can get there” to a workable plan.

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  1. charles torres

    kings food mkt pictured on the top of the article does not
    have a beer and wine license please change the picture store
    as you are in error
    there is no 20 beer and wine outside sales at kings food
    you are wrong


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