Voters gave Devin Nunes another term in Washington.

In the race that saw candidates raise the most money out of any congressional race in the country, Nunes won an eighth term to congress, defeating Democrat Andrew Janz in District 22.

Portrait of Democratic congressional challenger Andrew Janz

Andrew Janz

Nunes garnered 56% of the district wide votes for the areas covering parts of Fresno and Tulare counties.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and close ally of President Donald Trump outdistanced Janz in the Republican-friendly district.

However, with the Democrats taking control of the House in January, Nunes will likely become ranking member on the intelligence committee.

Nunes had depicted Janz as a favorite of the Democratic liberal wing.

Janz, a prosecutor, said he entered the race after what he called “ethical lapses” by the incumbent. His supporters, many from outside California, were eager to take down one of Trump’s key supporters and poured millions into the race.

Trump carried the district in 2016 while losing California by 4 million votes.

On Tuesday night, Nunes spoke to supporters gathered at Hanford’s Portuguese Hall for an election watching party.

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  1. nancy ann

    time for a clarification or retraction on your ‘Nunes easily won…’. – – the current numbers show Janz trailing Nunes by 5.9%. Election night was not the final result.


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