Yes, Devin Nunes did make an appearance at the World Ag Expo.

David Taub

No, he did not stay around very long.

GV Wire may have been the only media organization to catch a glimpse of the hometown congressman at the International Agri-Center in Tulare. He attended a VIP breakfast ahead of opening ceremonies.

Nunes Works the Crowd

Nunes shook hands and took pictures with fellow attendees. He posed for a picture with Assemblyman Frank Bigelow of Madera County. He said hello to Tulare Mayor Carlton Jones (who served as a WAE volunteer).

But Nunes did not want to take questions. At least that’s what his staff was saying, as they whisked him out of the building. They told me he had a plane to catch. This was despite the fact he was scheduled to participate in the opening ceremonies and a town hall with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

I am humbled by the thousands of people who watched my non-interaction with Nunes. But, his refusal to answer even the most mundane question about the Democratic memo was not out of cowardice, as many on Twitter suggested.

Nunes’ actions didn’t have anything to do with cowardice. He simply didn’t answer my query because he knows he can get away with not answering.

This is not to say Nunes has implemented a local media blackout. He’ll grant interviews with his favorite local radio host, or a TV station or two.

A Safe District

The reality is that Nunes’ media selection, whether local or his own news website, is not an issue that will turn the electorate of California’s 22nd congressional district against him.

The only way the district will turn against Devin Nunes is if someone produces a picture of the congressman holding hands with Nancy Pelosi and/or Hillary Clinton.

President Donald Trump is not a divisive issue that will turn the district.

The dueling Nunes/Democratic memos are not a divisive issue among the constituents.

Neither are DACA, water and Russia.

The only way the district will turn against Devin Nunes is if someone produces a picture of the congressman holding hands with Nancy Pelosi and/or Hillary Clinton.

Despite throngs of internet haters, Nunes is popular in his Republican-heavy district.

Now, Andrew Janz is certainly the most formidable candidate Nunes has faced since becoming a congressman. This will no doubt be a tighter race than the 30-point blowouts we’ve seen in the past. But all the “Janzstanding” in the world may not be enough to flip the district.

Tortoise Versus Hare?

The art of political prediction is becoming more irrelevant by the election. I can say Nunes will cruise to a victory, and possibly be wrong. Who knows in the age of Trumpism?

I hope Nunes knows what he’s doing on the campaign trail. He’s certainly raised enough money (nearly $4 million on hand).

If this race goes south, as the Twitterverse may lead you to believe, Nunes would become the ultimate hare.

2 Responses

  1. Howard Watkins

    David, your assessment of Nunes re-electability neglects a major factor. While his hardcore base may not yet be turned off by his questionable actions and tactics, he has mobilized a lot of negativity/outrage in Democrats, Independents, and even some Republicans. With Deputy District Attorney Andrew Janz as his opponent, the 22nd Congressional District is on track to be flipped in November.

  2. B.P.

    Maybe he refuses to answer because he can get away with it, but he’s also a coward. If his support really runs as deep as you’re saying, and he seems to think, then what the hell could he possibly have to lose from actually talking to local reporters, or meeting with his constituents? And yet still he refuses. Because he’s a coward. Because his support is much more fragile than he wants you to believe.


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