What started over 40 years ago as a small support group has expanded into an incredible resource for parents of children with specialized needs. Today, EPU Children’s Center offers more than 1,000 services each week to families who have a child born with a disability, born prematurely, face chronic illness or other difficult issues.

“When parents have a child born with special needs, they don’t know where to turn for help,” said chief development officer Kathleen Price. At EPU Children’s Center, she continued, “they find hope.”

“When we come together and share our resources we can literally change lives for the better.”

“We treat children in their first 5 years of life when the largest amount to growth and development happens,” says Price. The programs at EPU revolve around the entire family: the child with special needs, their parents, and the child’s siblings.

Equally important, the organization teaches and models respect and acceptance for all children.

With a staff of more than 100 therapists and early childhood specialists, EPU Children’s Center has become a national leader in providing and promoting comprehensive, family-centered services. Volunteers and donors are always needed to continue to provide the highest levels of service and support.

As Price puts it, “when we come together and share our resources we can literally change lives for the better.”

The video above highlights the many ways EPU Children’s Center is impacting families across Fresno County. More information is also available on their website, here.

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