In Sunday’s CALmatters column, Dan Walters theorizes that the driving force behind the call for universal healthcare at the state level is a desire to expand coverage to the “million-plus” undocumented immigrant adults living in California.

Walters points out that the number of uninsured residents has dropped significantly in recent years with California’s successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

He argues that, since a good portion – about half – of the remaining uninsured population is likely undocumented, that any push for universal coverage is only a veiled attempt to extend coverage to them.

Walters states that, given the extreme cost projections, an alternate proposal intended to provide coverage exclusively for these individuals could be far more economical.

By his count, this sort of policy would run about $10 billion a year – a bargain, according to Walters, compared to the approximately $100 billion/year price tag attached to the estimates for universal coverage.

To get Walters’ full take on healthcare solutions, read more here: Universal health care doable for less cost

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