Darius Assemi

People ask me all the time why I started the GV Wire news site. The answer is, I want to help educate and inform people about what happens inside government and about issues that impact us in our daily lives.

When I was a young man, my father taught me that exposure to objective information helps each of us to become a more informed voter, resident and citizen of our world. That’s a value that I hold deeply to this day.

GV Wire does not exist to duplicate other news sources. Our mission is to dig deeper and look beyond the headlines of the day.

I’ve shared my thought in the video above. I welcome your comments.

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  1. Nancy Flynn

    Darius, then please begin to inform the community about places such as the beautiful, safe, peaceful 27 acre Community First neighborhood for homeless in Austin, Texas. Also, inform the citizens of Fresno about the Cass Community of affordable housing in Detroit as these are the kinds of programs that will bring chronic homelessness to an end. Don’t be afraid to show the encampments along the river as the discussion continues about where an access point should be located. Indeed, there is a crisis with our homeless here in Fresno along with a less than compassionate public opinion of the ‘least’ of us. As you know the politics of homeless are complicated and thick. If you would present an in-depth look at Community First -Austin to the residents of Fresno, they would be able to visualize and internalize exactly how compassion and synergy are much better paths to walk than is the path of ‘tough love.’ This shifting of attitude can only happen if best practices outside of the Fresno bubble are examined. Education and knowledge are powerful. Please begin the discussion that will foster compassion toward the homeless here in Fresno. There has been far too much vitriol and hateful behavior toward homeless souls….


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