Delaine Eastin has a long political record of successful elections. She’s won races for Union City council, state Assembly and state superintendent of education. But, her undefeated streak is in jeopardy as she runs for governor.

Eastin is taking her role in stride and embracing her role as the underdog.

“Women who run for jobs for the first time are often seen as underdogs,” Eastin told GV Wire at a recent Fresno stop. “Once I have a chance to get my message to be heard, I have a good shot and coming in the top two, and then of winning the ultimate race.”

Eastin spoke at a Maddy Institute luncheon before embarking on a Take Five chat. In the video above, she discusses such topics as:

  • A teacher’s right to strike
  • Sexual harassment in Sacramento
  • The state’s housing crisis
  • Water storage



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