Can Republicans soon become relevant in the California Legislature?

These days, the possibility is more than just a fantasy, writes CALmatters columnist Dan Walters in his Dec. 6 column.


The dominant Democrats face the possibility of losing their supermajorities in the Assembly and the Senate because of the Capitol sex scandals.

The resignation of Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, a Pacoima Democrat, “when added to the vacancy created by Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez’s elevation to Congress, dropped Democrats to 53 seats in the Assembly, one short of a supermajority,” writes Walters.

It must be noted that a Democrat filled Gomez’s Los Angeles seat in a special election Tuesday, restoring the supermajority. But the Democrats face the very real possibility of dropping below 53. That’s because Matt Debabneh, a Democrat from Woodland Hills, is also ensnared in sexual harassment allegations.

Analyzes Walters: “His seat would eventually be occupied by another Democrat via special election, but the 2018 legislative session would begin with Democrats still short a seat.”

And, writes Walters, “The party’s margin in the Senate is even thinner.”

For a complete detailing of the allegations and the potential impacts on the Legislature and Kevin de León’s U.S. Senate aspirations, read Walters’ column at this link.


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