In Thursday’s CALmatters column, Dan Walters criticizes the UC Board of Regents’ decision to retain UC President Janet Napolitano in her position.

According to a state audit published April 25, Napolitano’s office accumulated around $175 million in undisclosed reserves, among other improprieties.

However, Walters points out that, in addition to the financial issues, the auditor’s office found it “particularly troublesome” that reviews of Napolitano’s performance from UC administrators were funneled to her office before being handed over to the auditors.

As a result, the UC Regents ordered an independent review, which was finalized recently.

Walters explains that the report found wrongdoing, but could not link the actions of Napolitano’s senior aides to direct intent from Napolitano, leading to the aides taking the fall while Napolitano keeps her job.

Napolitano Has Newsom’s Support

Now, after her “quasi-apology,” it seems as though Napolitano’s misdeeds have been forgotten – the Board of Regents seem to have forgiven her and, in a recent conversation with GV Wire, Lt. Gov. and gubernatorial hopeful Gavin Newsom voiced his support for her continued leadership.

In any case, it seems as though Walters refuses to forget what has taken place.

To read Walters full take on the fallout of the UC audit scandal, click here: UC’s Napolitano gets scolded, but keeps her job

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