Gavin Newsom visited Fresno on Wednesday (Nov. 29) in his official duties as lieutenant governor. Newsom presided over the California State Lands Commission meeting. According to Newsom’s office, this is the first time ever the state agency held a meeting in Fresno.

The commission heard an update on the ongoing issue of access to the San Joaquin River. The debate is whether to build a new path to the river from a residential Fresno neighborhood, through a city park or both.

GV Wire asked Newsom his thoughts on access. We also asked him about whether he supports embattled University of California President Janet Napolitano (he does).

Newsom also commented on the sexual harassment scandals involving Sacramento lawmakers.

“We have a deeper question we have to answer, what is going on with men and boys?” Newsom philosophized. “What is going on with toxic masculinity? What is happening with hyper-masculinity?”

Newsom said the culture needed to change.

Finally, Newsom said he supports an audit of the high-speed rail project, as called for by Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno). However, Newsom is hesitant to call for such a review in an emergency fashion as Patterson has. He says trust matters.

“You can support the project and also advocate for transparency and accountability when it comes to the public dollar. I don’t know why people are afraid of audits, afraid of being more transparent, more accountable,” he said.

View all his answers on this edition of Take Five.

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  1. Monadnock Man

    Pretty face no substance, empty buckets politico for sure. Same for Tony Villar.


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