Madera County Supervisor David Rogers said Tuesday night that a copy of a phone message embattled District Attorney David Linn left with his insurance agent is now in the hands of state and federal investigators.

During the 3-minute, 7-second message, Linn asks the agent to fix a problem with the billing for a policy and then says, “Umm, if you don’t do that, I’m going to have to send an investigator out with some handcuffs and lock you up and bring you back to Madera County and talk to you in a little room for a while. I’m really sick of people not doing what they said. I’ve just about had as much as I’m going to take.”

GV Wire obtained a copy of the message from an elected official in Fresno County. Rogers said that he, too, has heard a copy of the message. The supervisor said that the voice was Linn’s. In addition, the message begins with, “Hi … Dave Linn calling.”

Nov. 29, 2:53 P.M. UPDATE: After this story was posted on GV Wire, two independent sources with knowledge about the message said that Linn misdialed the number and left the message with a woman in Southern California instead of his insurance agent.

(Listen to the complete audio below. It was edited to eliminate Linn’s phone numbers.)

“I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that David Linn left that message,” Rogers said. “And I know that a copy of the message was sent to the state Attorney General and the FBI by a member of Madera County law enforcement. What Linn did is a misuse of his office in a personal matter.”

Rogers declined to identify the person who forwarded the message to the state and federal agencies, saying that the person “fears retribution” by Linn.

Dec. 7 UPDATE: Linn said in a phone interview with GV Wire that made the phone call in jest and that he was trying to reach his insurance agent, a longtime friend, because of billing problems with an insurance policy.

On Monday, the Madera County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to censure Linn and asked for his resignation after an independent investigation sustained allegations that Linn had made racist and sexually explicit comments at work and engaged in threatening or abusive behavior toward employees.

In addition, the investigator — a veteran attorney who works for a law firm specializing in employment matters — judged Linn not to be credible with his responses to the allegations.

Linn said Monday after the public censure that the allegations were unfounded and that he would not resign. Linn additionally leveled corruption accusations at Rogers and another supervisor, Brett Frazier. Both have had illegal dealings with developers, Linn said.

“I will continue to prosecute the two cases with extra vigor,” Linn said Monday.

Linn specifically accused Frazier of getting a sweetheart deal on a new home.

Rogers: ‘Linn is Just a Bully’

Rogers told GV Wire that “there is no basis for Linn’s claims” against himself and Frazier.

“He is just a bully,” Rogers said.

GV Wire attempted to reach Frazier on Wednesday morning, but his voice-mail box was full.

Sierra News Online reported that Frazier told Linn at Monday’s board meeting: “I will look you dead in the eye and say that you came to me and told me there was nothing to this investigation, and told me to come to your office next week and we will close it out. You knew you were under investigation, and you were trying to hold anything you could over everybody’s head.”

Frazier also said Monday that investigators from Linn’s office visited his home and determined that he paid fair-market value for the property.

Rogers said Tuesday that he was there when a DA investigator told Frazier that the house purchase was above board.

“Brett has stood up to developers,” Rogers told GV Wire. “This is just attempt by Linn to shift the focus from himself.”

Madera County voters elected Linn as their DA in 2014. Fresno County prosecutor Sally Orme Moreno announced earlier this year that she will run for the position in 2018.



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