In today’s CALmatters column, Dan Walters writes about Jerry Brown’s difficulties in achieving his goals for California’s critical Delta region.

Facing a worsening crisis in which water users south of the Delta call for more water while environmentalists, fisheries and some Delta farmers seek greater protections for the local region, Brown proposed WaterFix – also known as the twin tunnels – as a potential solution.

Recently though, WaterFix has been hit with a number of setbacks and is now regarded by many, including Walters, to be on unstable ground. Walters notes that the recent audit, which exposed numerous cost flaws, and rejection by key water districts, particularly Westlands, dealt significant blows to the project and left its feasibility in question.

Whether the project continues from here relies on a few events, namely, those districts that rejected the project taking a new vote to approve the project. Otherwise, it is uncertain who will provide the funding and, without that guarantee, the project cannot move forward.

To see Walters’ evaluation of the dilemma, read more here: Brown’s WaterFix project could go down the drain

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