At a meeting Tuesday night, the Tulare County Republican Central Committee unanimously voted for a resolution asking Assemblyman Devon Mathis of Visalia to resign due to his disregard for constituent concerns and allegations regarding inappropriate behavior on the job.

Among the grievances in the resolution, the committee accuses Mathis of “[lying] to members of the Central Committee and Republican elected officials regarding votes in the legislature and matters of public policy,” and later, “[using] a vulgar slang term when bragging about ignoring his constituents on the floor of the California Assembly.”

The resolution refers to Mathis as “an embarrassment to his constituents” and “demands” his immediate resignation.

As the allegations against Mathis continue to flow, the Valley Voice reported Monday that a resignation letter sent to the California Assembly Rules Committee by former Mathis staffer Joel Rosales indicated knowledge of the Assemblyman making inappropriate sexual comments in the office on more than one occasion.

“In his letter, Rosales recounts inappropriate comments Mathis made about Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang from San Bernadino County and about a businesswoman in Visalia.”

“Rosales requested the Visalia woman not be identified. In both comments, Mathis described different ways and durations in which he would want to have sex with the women.”

Rosales also indicated generally poor treatment of employees, especially regarding pay, and mentioned the campaign violations for which Mathis has previously been investigated.

Rosales is one of 10 staffers who have resigned or been fired from Mathis’ office since his 2015 election.

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