Violence against the Rohingya continues in Myanmar, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee to neighboring Bangladesh for safety. Refugees who have escaped Myanmar describe brutal attacks on Rohingya villagers by authorities and Buddhist vigilantes.

In this first-hand account, a Rohingya woman recounts the killing of her husband by a local Buddhist mob in Myanmar. She says her husband was grazing cows in a field when the attack took place. His murder was witnessed by her children, she says.

The disturbing account was captured on video by Josef Namin, a medical professional working with international aid agencies to assist Rohingya refugees.

He and his team had traveled to the Bangladeshi side of border with Myanmar along the Naf River earlier this month. There, they encountered a large group of Rohingya from a nearby camp. The Naf River is about 2.5 hours south of the Bangladeshi region of Cox’s Bazar, where more than 600,000 refugees have fled in recent months to escape ethnic violence in their home country.

Namin is a GV Wire contributor and leads the Global Institute for Democracy & Strategic Studies.

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