The Fresno City Council opposed plans to hike entry fees at popular national parks during its meeting Thursday, Nov. 3.

By a 5-0 vote, the council voiced its opposition to a federal plan that would increase fees to enter popular national parks, including Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon. Under a Trump administration proposal, fees would go up from $30 per car to $70 during the peak spring and summer seasons.

Most members expressed concern that the increased rates would price out Valley residents.

Councilmen Clint Olivier and Paul Caprioglio were absent from the dais at the time and did not vote.

You can comment pro or con about the fee increases at this National Park Service link. The comment period ends Nov. 23.

Commercial Trash Rates Will Rise 

The council approved an increase in commercial trash rates in the city. In the eight years of the contract with Allied Waste and Mid-Valley Disposal, this is the fourth increase. They will go up 2.9% and 2.97% respectively. That means an increase of about $0.28-$0.31 cents a month.

The increased passed on a 5-0 vote.

Mayor Brand Supports 25 Cap and Trade Projects

The city council heard an update on $70 million of cap and trade funds coming to the city. The 25 projects include funding for a new Fresno City College campus in west Fresno, green space, and mixed-income housing.

The final application must be submitted to the state by Nov. 30.

Mayor Lee Brand addressed the council, giving it his full support. The centerpiece, Brand said, is a new Fresno City College campus in southwest Fresno. The council is expected to vote on the spending plan in February.

Caprioglio indicated his support for the plan, adding that he hoped similar projects can be done in his District 4.

Clovis City Council Will Vote on Hotel

The Clovis City Council is slated on Monday (Nov. 13) to vote on allowing a 111-room hotel. The proposed four-story Home2 Suites by Hilton is located at the southeast corner of Clovis and Santa Ana avenues. City staff recommends approval.

The council will also hear about a 16-acre project on Shaw Avenue between DeWolf and Leonard avenues. A gas station and three commercial buildings are proposed there.



2 Responses

  1. Joseph Herzog

    Raising entrance prices on national parks is an absurd, unholy attack on the poor and middle classes being made by an unfeeling, uncaring administration. It will harm poor families, children of color and special needs citizens, in particular,,,,the ones who need to experience the natural world the most. I have seen how experiencing the parks, by meandering along the San Joaquin and Kings rivers, hunting for elusive trout can change the outlook on life for inner city kids. The proposal by this heartless (brainless) administration angers me to my wits end. ANY office holder who supports this inexcusably deficient proposal should be voted out of office, post haste.

  2. Ross Borba, Jr.

    Take a breath, Joey … you’re gonna burst a blood vessel. I only hope you were as upset by Gov. Brown’s cap and trade gas tax, which will ultimately add 70¢ to each gallon of gasoline those “poor and middle classes” will have drained from their pocketbooks every time they fill their tanks. And how ‘bout the $100± “extra” they’ll get to pay to renew their car registration each year. ‘Course, that extra money going to Sacramento is to fix our decaying highways and byways … paid for by those who use them. Oh, yeah, kinda like the increased park visitor fees, which will go to provide smoother roads, fix up decaying picnic and campground areas and restroom repairs for the visitors. Unfortunately, both of these evil taxes or fees, “made by an unfeeling, uncaring” and “heartless (brainless) administration”, are examples of beneficiary pays, with which I’m sure you agree … right Joey?


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