In his latest CALmatters column, Dan Walters takes on the hot-button issue that is California’s system of fuel and automobile taxes.

Walters touches on a variety of issues surrounding the taxes, including the fact their impacts are largely nebulous to voters, thus making them unpopular. He notes that Republicans plan to capitalize on these negative sentiments in 2018 to rally their base and possibly pick up voters who are feeling overburdened.

While it will be tough to achieve success, Republicans have the optics of the issue on their side. Walters refers to UC Berkeley’s Severin Borenstein who explains that approximately 20 cents per gallon of California gas – a hefty sum — is a “large unexplained premium.” The way this money is appropriated is, according to Walters, a mystery.

Walters agrees with Borenstein, who poses the question: “Before we roll back the new gas tax, before we cut the revenues for these public programs, shouldn’t we figure out where the rest of the money is going?”

To get the rest of Walters’ opinion on the matter, read here: As gas taxes jump, motorists may wonder where they’re going

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