Seven in 10 Americans say the nation’s politics have reached a dangerous low point, and a majority of those believe the situation is a “new normal” rather than temporary, according to a new Washington Post-University of Maryland poll.

Seven in 10 Americans also say that the nation’s political divisions are at least as big as during the Vietnam War, according to the poll, which also finds nearly 6 in 10 saying Donald Trump’s presidency is making the U.S. political system more dysfunctional.

The poll additionally finds that 7 in 10 Americans view the Trump administration as dysfunctional. But dissatisfaction extends well beyond the executive branch: Even more Americans, 8 in 10, say Congress is dysfunctional, and there is limited trust in other institutions, including the media.

“It’s just messed up now,” said Patty Kasbeck, 37, a veterinary technician in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and a Democrat. “It’s not even a political system. It’s a reality show.”

In the poll, 14 percent of Americans say they view the ethics and honesty of politicians as excellent or good — down from 25 percent in 1997 and 39 percent in 1987. And 12 percent say members of Congress base their policies on a set of core values, while 87 percent say lawmakers mainly “do whatever is needed to win reelection.”

You can read the entire story at this link.

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