In his CALmatters column Thursday, Dan Walters considers the nuanced response to the healthcare question, namely, the differences between “single-payer” and “universal” proposals.

He uses the positions expressed by the four Democratic gubernatorial candidates at a recent forum to explore the intricacies of the two “buzzword” terms. As Walters states, all four candidates supported an expansion of the existing system, but the argument over the feasibility of the single-payer model was lively.

A single-payer system, which would establish a state agency as the sole system provider, was floated this year in the legislature in SB 562, but the bill fell short when Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon unilaterally pulled it from consideration citing inadequate planning to cover the costs.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was the strongest supporter of single-payer in the debate and said that “the money exists in the system.”

Others, like former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, challenged this position in favor of a universal system that would simply expand the current system.

For Walters’ take on the healthcare debate, read more here: Health access too important for mere sloganeering


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