In today’s CALmatters piece, Dan Walters discusses the outcome of a forum, hosted by the San Francisco Chronicle (full video of forum within article), for the Democratic candidates in next year’s gubernatorial election.

As Walters notes, each candidate made proposals, on a variety of topics, that would add expenses to the budget. However, Walters writes, when asked how they would pay for the new programs or expansions, the candidates offered far fewer details.

The candidates were especially tight-lipped when confronted directly about the state’s revenue rollercoaster, which allows for budget surplus in good years, but puts our government in “crisis mode” in years when our top earners are less successful.

Among the few specifics on the table, raised by low-polling Delaine Eastin, was the possibility for reform of Proposition 13 and the implementation of a split-roll system. Walters and others are sure to note that, while a step in the right direction in terms of raising revenue, it would likely not be enough to pay for the various provisions they suggested.

To read more of Walter’s opinion on their proposals and their Prop. 13 discussion: Four Democratic candidates want more spending, but not more taxes?

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