CALmatters columnist Dan Walters writes today about Kevin de León’s decision to challenge Sen. Dianne Dianne Feinstein in 2018 and the complications it creates for the Democratic Party.

Party leaders had planned on a simple, low-cost election to allocate resources elsewhere, but Feinstein’s reelection bid at age 84 prompted De Leon, a representative of California’s more liberal contingent, to challenge her with a run from the left.

Now, Walters writes, the Democrats must deal with a far more expensive and divisive race. Along with pushing a greater demand on party donors, this development opens the door for further complexity if another candidate, like billionaire activist Tom Steyer, decides to enter the race.

Overall, Walters considers the possibilities and concludes that, even if de León is the lone challenger, 2018 will still be a bigger strain than Democrats had anticipated.

Read Walters’ full piece here: De León’s challenge to Feinstein will be expensive, divisive


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