What’s next for California as it defies President Trump by declaring itself a sanctuary state?

As Dan Walters points out in his Oct. 12 column for CALmatters, “Were federal immigration authorities to ignore California’s new sanctuary laws, it’s difficult to say how the state would respond, or what the outcome would be. At the very least, there would be litigation.”

Eventually, Walters opines, “the federal courts will have the last word – unless, of course, Congress and Trump do something that should have been done years ago: enact comprehensive immigration reform that would give otherwise law-abiding immigrants a pathway to legal status and/or citizenship.”

Absent immigration reform, Californians will continue to debate the wisdom of sanctuary protections among themselves and with the Trump administration.

“This action protects public safety and ensures hard-working people who contribute to our state are respected,” Gov. Jerry Brown said as he signed a package of bills aimed at protecting at least 2 million undocumented residents from being detained and, perhaps, expelled.

Noted Walters: “After Brown signed the bills, Trump’s top immigration official, Tom Homan, declared that Senate Bill 54, the centerpiece measure, undermines public safety and ‘the governor is simply wrong when he claims otherwise.’ “

The columnist concludes with this opinion:

“The issue has festered much too long, not only to the detriment of the undocumented, but to society as a whole. California is particularly dependent on immigrant workers for its multi-faceted economy and labor shortages in agriculture, construction and other fields attest to how the threats of deportation have reverberated.

“Enough is enough.”

Read the entire column here.


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