Robert Costa knows Washington. Splitting his journalistic time between writing for the Washington Post, moderating “Washington Week” on PBS and analyzing on MSNBC, he covers the Trump Administration up close.

On Monday (Oct. 16), Costa will be the guest speaker at the Fresno State President’s Lecture Series. The event starts at 6 p.m. at the Save Mart Center. The lecture is free, as is the parking.

Ahead of his visit, Costa spoke with GV Wire about what it’s like to cover President Donald Trump, the use of unnamed sources, his thoughts on “fake news,” and his excitement for visiting Fresno.

“I really want to hear from the audience. My presentation will be about President Trump and what is happening in Washington and my observations and stories as a reporter,” Costa said. He will tell stories about being aboard Trump’s plane and at his golf club.

And, I asked him what happens if Costa adds an “s” to the end of his name?

To listen to the complete interview with Robert Costa, click on the player below.



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