Should Clovis residents who rent out their homes through services such as Airbnb be taxed?

The Clovis City Council will ask staff to come up with a plan at Monday’s (Oct. 9) meeting, which is scheduled for 6 p.m.

There have been a number of complaints, city staff say. Currently, there is no ordinance regulating short-term (under 30 days) rentals.

Staff is requesting the council start the process to pass an ordinance requiring a home occupation permit and implementing regulations. This meeting is just the first step.

All about the logo

The Clovis City Council will also consider final approval of revamping its city seals and logos. The initial vote passed Oct. 2, 3-0 (with two abstentions).

The reworked ordinance details all the logos and variances, using specific descriptions (mainly of the rodeo cowboy riding a bucking bronco). The council will also adopt more specific logos for Old Town Clovis as well as the police and fire departments.

The ordinance also allows the seal and logo to be used only for official business of the city (there was no such language before).

Just kissing?

One quote in the Fresno Bee’s coverage of Gov. Jerry Brown signing SB 384 (altering how long sex offenders can remain on the registry) caught my eye.  It came from Equality California’s Rick Zbur: “Over the years, thousands of LGBTQ people have found themselves unfairly included on California’s sex offender registry, sometimes for something as innocent as a same-sex kiss.”

I asked Equality California what exactly was meant by that statement. Organization spokesman Jason Howe described arrests made at Los Angeles gay bar on New Year’s of 1967.

The incident is known as the Black Cat Tavern protests. The L.A. Times reported on the 50th  anniversary of the protests that plain-clothes officers arrested the patrons and charged them with lewd and lascivious conduct for kissing while ringing in the New Year.

It’s hard to believe such actions from police is happening or would be accepted today in California.

Resolution Targets Ashjian

At Wednesday’s Fresno Unified School Board meeting, the board will vote on recognizing October as LGBT History Month. Another resolution will put board President Brooke Ashjian directly in the crossfire.

At the request of Rev. Bill Knezovich of Pastor of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, the board will discuss “Censure and/or Remove as President of the Board, Mr. Brooke Ashjian.”

This dates back to Ashjian’s August comments in The Bee about his thoughts on the LGBT component of sex education. Those comments got Ashjian in hot water with some community members.

Knezovich and a group of 12 other local religious leaders also take issue with Ashjian’s follow-up comments at the Aug. 23 board meeting.

“To compare the LGBTQ community to mass murderers (Ottoman Turks) is reprehensible. His remarks have done serious damage to the Board. Many of our communities of faith have LGBTQ members, some who are even Armenian. His remarks aimed at vilifying and dehumanizing those who sought to hold him accountable for his prejudicial words concerning the LGBTQ community cannot be ignored or tolerated,” the group wrote in the request for the item to be heard.

Ashjian declined to comment to GV Wire about the resolution addressing his remarks.

Family Grant Funds Theater for Students

The FUSD board will vote on a $20,850 contract for Good Company Players to perform at schools for an original performance for fifth-graders. This is the second year the local theater group performed in this fashion. The money comes from a $100,000 grant from the Farber family.

FUSD vs. FTA debate

At its monthly meeting, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Council will host an update on the labor dispute at Fresno Unified. Deputy Superintendent Ruthie Quinto will represent the district; Fresno Teachers Association President Tish Rice will speak on behalf of the union.

The meeting is scheduled Wednesday (Oct. 11), noon at the chamber offices in downtown Fresno.


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