Yesterday, Bloomberg reported on Saudi Arabian king’s diplomatic visit to Russia.

Fresh off his country’s 100th execution of the year, King Salman bin Abdulaziz visited the fellow oil-driven economy to negotiate an arms sale of air-defense systems, anti-tank weapons and other artillery and discuss issues in the oil market.

For the four-day visit, King Salman was accompanied by 1,500 people, his own furniture, and 1,764 pounds of food. According to the Bloomberg report, the Saudis fully booked Moscow’s Four Seasons and Ritz Carleton hotels which, according to Vadim Prasov, vice president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, could cost as much as $3 million.

Considering that this price tag does not include services, restaurant meals and spa treatments, as well as the travel expenses for such a large delegation, it is easy to see that the Saudi king was trying to exude an impressive aura in his royal family’s first-ever visit to Russia.

Read more details about the negotiations between the two countries here: Putin Hosts Saudi King on ‘Landmark’ Russia Visit


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