In today’s CALmatters column, Dan Walters decries the practice of “half-a-loafism” as it relates to the newly-signed legislation aimed at easing California’s housing crisis.

Essentially, Walters characterizes “half-a-loafism” as the common legislative practice of addressing an issue to some extent, though leaving it unfinished, and never following-up on promises of continued efforts. In terms of housing, he agrees with many of us that, while likely helpful, these new bills will do little to alleviate the crisis.

Many of our legislators have touted the potential for progress offered by these proposals but, as past examples have shown, the political will to continue efforts into the second half of the legislative session next year will likely diminish.

Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), author of Senate Bill 35, has vowed to make housing an ongoing issue. Walters hopes that others choose to go for the “full loaf” and follow Wiener’s example, rather than “shift(ing) the day of reckoning to the next political generation.”

Read Walters’ full column here: Half-a-loaf ‘solutions’ consume energy, fall short

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  1. Robin Rose

    I think in order to deal with the “Housing Crisis” in California, you first need to deal with the bigger issue of
    “Illegal Immigration”. They need to be sent back to their Country of origin & come here legally or don’t come back,


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