Here are the stories from the Valley, the nation and the world that are catching our eye:

The justices will hear the case of Mark Janus, an Illinois state employee who objects to paying fees to the union, which represents 35,000 state workers.

The decision, due by next June, could prove a costly setback for public-sector unions in 22 states, including California, where such fees are authorized by law.

Labor experts have predicted a significant percentage of employees would stop supporting their union if given a choice. The other 28 states have “right to work” laws that forbid requiring workers to join or support a union.

Read the story by David G. Savage in The Los Angeles Times.

One-Third of Americans Can’t Afford Food, Shelter or Medical Care

Those are some of the grim findings from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s first-ever survey of financial well-being, released Tuesday.

The numbers parallel MarketWatch’s own State of the American Wallet dashboard, which tracks how Americans are faring financially with data that updates in real time.

Leslie Albrecht has the complete story in MarketWatch.

California Billionaire Tom Steyer Explains Why Tax Cuts for the Rich Are “Stupid”

You can view his video here.

PPIC Poll: Most Californians Want to Improve, Not Repeal Obamacare

Most California adults and likely voters (58% each) say Republicans in Congress should work with Democrats to improve the current federal health care law. Solid majorities also say it is the federal government’s responsibility to ensure health care coverage for all Americans.

Details on health care findings and polling on DACA and Sen. Dianne Feinstein are here.

Rohingya Refugee Camp Video from Bangladesh

This is footage shot on an iPhone by representatives of Mercy Refugees House.



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