Here are the stories from the Valley, the nation and the world catching our eye:

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide from Valley’s Killer Mosquitoes

“The mosquito that carries the Zika virus is now in all five counties in the central San Joaquin Valley,” reports The Fresno Bee’s Barbara Anderson.

15 Gross Things Steve Bannon Has Said

Homophobia, misogyny, anti-Muslim fearmongering, fat jokes — no matter who you are, Bannon probably thinks you’re inferior. Read it at Huffington Post.

And if you can’t get enough of Bannon’s rhetoric and logic, check out the 48 most revealing lines of his recent “60 Minutes” interview. CNN’s Chris Cizzilla breaks it down.

Plan to Pump More Water South of the Delta is OK’d

“Federal fisheries regulators have approved a controversial plan opposed by environmental groups that would allow for more pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta this fall,” reports Ryan Sabalow of The Sacramento Bee.

California appears unlikely to be able to build enough homes in the coming years to put a meaningful dent in skyrocketing housing prices triggered by a shortage of affordable dwellings, according to economists who prepared a new UCLA Anderson Forecast, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

California Association of Realtors Proposes Proposition 13 Revisions

The California Association of Realtors has proposed three different versions of changes to Prop. 13, which limits property tax increases to 2% annually. The group will now begin the process of 1) determining if there is adequate support for a campaign which could end up being pretty expensive, 2) figuring out which, if any, of their currently-proposed options would garner the greatest support and 3) collecting signatures.

The measures differ in their scope. One version applies to all homeowners anywhere in the state. Another would apply to all homeowners moving within their county of residence or to a county that allows intercounty assessed value transfers. And a third version would apply to homeowners 55 or older moving anywhere in the state.

Get the whole story in The Sacramento Bee.

Brown Will Sign Bills Addressing Housing Affordability

Gov. Jerry Brown’s press office said in a news release this afternoon that he will sign a package of bills intended to address California’s housing shortage and the soaring prices for homes and apartments.

On Wednesday, he signed a bill that moves the state’s presidential primary to March 3, 2020. John Myers has the story for the Los Angeles Times.

You can also read a Dan Walters column on why Brown should have vetoed the presidential primary bill.

This is Tourism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The West Bank wall is a living canvas of Israeli-Palestinian narratives. Read the story and see the photos in National Geographic.

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