Fresno Unified School District sent a new contract proposal to its teachers union Thursday in hopes of reaching a settlement that would make Tuesday’s union strike authorization vote unnecessary.

But the Fresno Teachers Association responded negatively on its Twitter feed to the district’s offer. The Fresno Bee’s Barbara Anderson reported Wednesday that substitute teachers stood to earn $500 a day as “Fresno Unified School District prepares to recruit replacements in the face of a possible teachers strike.”

Here are the highlights of Fresno Unified’s latest offer, as detailed in a district news release this afternoon:

  1. A 3.5% total ongoing salary increase all retroactive from July 1, 2016 (resulting in a 14.7% ongoing salary increase since 2013)
  2. New language that ensures health care premiums remain the same through 2019
  3. Cuts “out of pocket” maximum cost for employees by half
  4. A plan to reduce class size ratios and guidelines for grades 7-12
  5. Eliminates combination classes in elementary schools
  6. Reduction in work year for Adult School teachers
  7. Reduces our reserve fund to 4.30%
  8. Equal, fair and consistent student discipline across the district

The offer addresses many of the issues cited as problems by FTA membership the last several years. Chief among them: Reducing class sizes, containing health care premiums, giving teachers a larger voice in classroom discipline and cutting the percentage of the district’s financial reserves, thus putting more funding into classrooms.

“I am extremely pleased to share that we have provided our Fresno Teachers Association with an updated proposal that reduces class sizes, eliminates combination classes, improves health care for employees and provides an ongoing salary raise resulting in 14.7% since 2013 for our employees,” Superintendent Bob Nelson said in a news release.

The district is providing updates to negotiations here:


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