Here are the stories from the Valley, the nation and the world catching our eye:

Nine Things to Know about Hurricane Maria’s Impact on Puerto Rico

No. 2: The hurricane was like a 50-mile tornado making a direct hit on the U.S. island. Read the eight other essential facts at Vox.

California’s Historic Housing Legislation Won’t Soon Bring Down Costs

“Even years down the road, the measures will not stop rents from increasing or home prices from trending upwards,” writes Angela Hart in The Sacramento Bee.

Dan Walters: Moving California’s Presidential Primary is a Fool’s Errand

“SB 568, which would shift California’s primary elections from June to March, beginning in 2020, whipped through both legislative houses on party-line votes in the final hours of the 2017 session, and now awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature or veto.

“It should be the latter, because it’s an ill-conceived effort to make California more relevant in presidential elections that probably will fail, but will befoul elections for state offices and ballot measures,” writes the CALmatters Capitol columnist.

Live in Fresno County? Check Out How Your School District’s Performance

Local students are improving academically, as measured by Common Core standards, but have ample room for improvement, reports Mackenzie Mays in The Fresno Bee.

Are You Ready for Sen. Peyton Manning?

GOP Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee announced Tuesday that he would not run for re-election. Wednesday morning, Corker said that it’s “possible” but not likely that the former NFL star would run for the seat. If Manning does run, he would be all but unbeatable, Corker told Politico. 

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