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California Chamber of Commerce Does Its Job

In the late 1990s, the California Chamber of Commerce came up with a fantastic way to inform the public about bills it didn’t like in the Legislature. The chamber dubbed them “job killers” and the mantle has proven amazingly effective through the years.

This year was no exception, writes CALmatters columnist Dan Walters, as 24 of the 27 job killer bills failed to reach Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. In fact, the 89% kill rate, was right in line with years past.

Notes Walters: “As usual, however, one will not find fingerprints on the ones that died, in the form of up-or-down rollcall votes, because virtually all were either dropped by their authors or held in committee when those involved realized that they couldn’t make it through the process. The subtle influence of a bloc of moderate Democrats was a major factor in the soft kills.”

You can read Walter’s entire column here.

The Worst Bills on Gov. Brown’s Desk

For the 12th consecutive year, conservative Jon Fleischman’s The Flash Report serves up the top 20 bills worthy of the governor’s veto. Check them out here. This year’s list was compiled and described by state Sen. John Moorlach and Assemblyman Matthew Harper.

Trump vs. the National Football League

How many times has President Donald Trump tweeted about Puerto Rico, which has suffered “apocalyptic” devastation at the hands of Hurricane Maria? 4 times, reports CNN.

And how many times has the president tweeted about NFL players and owners standing or kneeling for the playing of the National Anthem? 24 times, by CNN’s count.

Judging by his tweets, it’s apparent what weighs more heavily on President Trump’s mind these days.

Who benefits from Trump’s NFL tweets? Not the country, not football fans and not the NFL, writes National Review’s Ben Shapiro, who adds that “putting aside the principle, this was obviously smart politics for Trump. …”

Learn More about Downtown Fresno’s Rowell Building

As GV Wire reported Monday, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors are scheduled to decide today whether to enter into a long-term lease of the Rowell Building for use as the District Attorney’s Office headquarters. The Fresno Bee’s Tim Sheehan has a story today on the proposed lease, the extensive renovations underway and details about the man for whom the building was named.

Bannon Whips Up Alabama Rally

Steve Bannon Steve declares war on the GOP establishment at a raucous rally in Alabama ahead of Tuesday’s special Senate election by telling the crowd, “They think you’re a pack of morons,” Politico reports.

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