Here’s a look at the stories from the Valley, the nation and the world that are catching our eye:

Another Uber Setback

TechCrunch reports that Uber’s renewal application for London was denied. That’s because Transport for London, which is responsible for all public transport system in London, England, believes that Uber doesn’t demonstrate responsibility public safety. Uber’s general manager there dishes out the big data of how many Londoners use the app and says that more than 40,000 licensed drivers will be out of a job.

The Kurds Revealed

They are the fourth-biggest ethnic group in the Middle-East and have no real place to call their homeland. In this NPR story, the Kurds are identified and are asking for independence.

Travel Ban Revisions Have Many Worried

The Trump administration continues to refine the travel ban with new restrictions in place to prevent security threats, says The New York Times. Will this ban still leave travelers from the six Muslim countries from entering the U.S.? Or will this question be left to the Supreme Court to decide?

The Secret Life of Vitamins

Vitamins have been part of many of our daily diets. Yet, there isn’t much that the supplement companies need to tell us about what we are really putting in our bodies. In this episode of Sharp Science, Tony Lee tells the disturbing truth about vitamins.

What’s Next for Delta tunnels bid?

The Sacramento Bee reports on three options being explored by project proponents in wake of Westlands Water District’s decision not to participate in the $17.1 billion project.


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