Here is a look at the stories from the Valley, the nation and the world that are catching our eye:

      Gas Tax Repeal Initiative Ruling

  • Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, is using the attempt to repeal California’s massive gas tax hike to focus attention on his gubernatorial bid. He scored a victory when a judge ordered Attorney General Xavier Becerra to prepare a “true and impartial” title and summary for the gas tax repeal initiative. Read it in the Los Angeles Times.

     Hurricane Maria

  • Hurricane Maria destroys Puerto Rico, ABC News reports at 2:55 p.m. PDT, citing officials there..


  • A letter from Rohingya: “We will face genocide and you will all be a witness to it.” View the powerful video from Al Jazeera English on YouTube. 

     Delta Tunnels

  • Water experts say the decision by the Westlands Water District Board of Directors not to participate in the Delta tunnels project could kill Gov. Jerry Brown’s $17 billion effort to move more water south of the Delta to farms and cities. The Mercury News.

     Dan Walters

  • “The massive failure of energy deregulation in 1996 and the devastating financial effects of expanding public employee pensions in 1999 should be cautionary examples” to Democrats who are declaring the 2017 California Legislation session a success,” writes Dan Walters for CALmatters.

       Black and Latino Income

  • “Many people see progress on racial equity in the U.S. as a steady march forward, in which people of color become more equal with their white counterparts as the years go by,” writes Josh Hoxie in Fortune. “Those are people who don’t pay attention to household wealth figures.” The story is headlined “Blacks and Latinos Will Be Broke in a Few Decades.”

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