Here is a look at the stories from the Valley, the nation and the world that are catching our eye:

  • No doubt about it, this story is huge. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Westlands Water District’s board of directors has voted against participating in Gov. Jerry Brown’s Delta tunnels project. The district’s decision triggers the real possibility that the controversial $16 billion effort to move more water south of the Delta to farms and cities will die.

“I am not certain the project can go forward,” said Westlands General Manager Tom Birmingham shortly after the vote,” according to The Bee. Earlier, he cast the decision in more dire terms, saying if Westlands voted against the project, the tunnels “will die, the project will be over.”

Read The Bee’s complete story here.

  • More than half of California voters say the state’s housing affordability crisis is so bad that they’ve considered moving, The Sacramento Bee reports, citing a statewide poll conducted by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies.


  • Associated Press delivers a scoop. Newly revealed plans show that water districts and households throughout California would be forced to pay for Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial $16 billion Delta Tunnels project. The news follows revelations that taxpayer dollars were improperly used to plan the project, which proposed to move water south of the Delta for farms and cities.



  • It appears that Carrizo Plain National Monument on California’s central coast and the Giant Sequoia National Monument will be spared from President Trump’s ax. The Washington Post has the details on which national monuments are the targets of Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.


  • Three bills addressing California’s housing crisis are now on Gov. Brown’s desk. They are joined by much more legislation dealing with everything from free tampons to whether California will become a sanctuary state. CALmatters breaks it all down for you.


  • How long before self-driving electric cars make gas-burning vehicles as worthless as old-fashioned typewriters? Sooner than you think. Read it at Quartz.


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