Big but balanced.

That describes the proposed budget announced by Fresno County Board of Supervisors Chairman Brian Pacheco in his State of the County speech Thursday at an event hosted by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce.

The budget is a tad over $3 billion — an all-time high and up 10.6% from the previous fiscal-year spending plan. The board is scheduled to vote on it next week.

Pacheco stressed that the budget pays down debt and includes a significant boost in financial reserves. One of the priorities, he said, is to upgrade working quarters for employees.

For example, Pacheco said that the county is getting closer to realizing its goal of leasing office space large enough to accommodate the District Attorney’s staff in one building. The DA’s operations are now housed in several buildings.

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand sat at Pacheco’s table. His speech mentioned the continuing collaboration between the two jurisdictions and an improving relationship. Pacheco also praised Brand’s goal of creating 10,000 new jobs.

The board chairman offered a moment of levity when discussing his colleague, Supervisor Andreas Borgeas. Pacheco talked about how Borgeas is the only guy he knows that has raised a half-million dollars in campaign contributions and not yet declared his intentions to run for the state Senate.

Borgeas is rumored to have his eye on the seat that will be vacated by the termed-out Tom Berryhill next year.


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