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His only regret is using Twitter.

Last February, when Fresno State lecturer Lars Maischak tweeted “To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better,” it may have very well cost him his job.

In a GV Wire exclusive, Maischak broke his silence Tuesday morning.

“I don’t know what my future holds,” the embattled instructor said. He still hopes to teach in Fresno, but concedes that it is unlikely.

He has been on paid leave since online news publication Breitbart first reported of his tweets back in April. Maischak is resigned that his teaching career is probably over.

“In the Twitter feed that I had, I essentially used it as a scratch pad for my thoughts as to where this country is headed,” Maischak explained. He makes no apologies for comparing Trump to European fascists throughout the course of history. In April, after the controversy erupted, he expressed contrition for the tweets in an email to GV Wire.

Maischak had no intention of violence or calls for assassination of President Donald Trump. He says it was a dark prediction of what could happen if this country continued to go down its current path. He never thought sending out a message to his small group of followers would lead to where he’s at now.

“For heaven’s sake, I tweeted that to 28 people!” the historian and author exclaimed. He says his followers knew he had no intention to incite violence.

He says the right-wing media intentionally smeared him, taking his Trump tweet out of context.

“Knowing the ability and intent of these propaganda sources on the web,” Maischak says “That is what they do. They whip up outrage to intimidate people and to threaten. It’s a death threat machine.”

He says the Secret Service paid him a visit and cleared him of any wrongdoing. “If I had the intent to lynch and assassinate, as these people says, I wouldn’t be sitting here,” Maischak said.

The German-born instructor also expressed disappointment in the way the Fresno State administration handled the situation. He felt they buckled to the pressure of donors.

“Fresno State didn’t just throw me under the bus, they helped build that bus,” he said. He never had a personal meeting or conversation with university President Joseph Castro.

In the conversation with GV Wire, Maischak talked about academic freedom and the role of the university when it comes to controversial opinions. Maischak said the line is when someone advocates breaking the law, which he denies he did.

“I’m happy to offend them. I want to cite Franklin Roosevelt here, ‘I welcome their hatred.’ Because, I think historically speaking I’m on the right side,” he said.

Maischak says he has received hundreds of e-mail and social media threats but did not want to go into details nor reveal names.

“I would never again use Twitter because it is far too easy for the truncated 140 characters to not fully say what you intend and for that to be twisted around,” he says. “Social media is useless for debate.”

To see the complete interview with Maischak, click on this link .


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