Last week, a group called Judicial Watch sent notice to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla that eleven counties in California had more voters on the rolls than were eligible to vote in those counties. The letter mentions that legal action could be looming if the state does not take steps to remedy the supposed errors.

The letter drew quite a bit of attention—even garnering a tweet from gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen — but how does Judicial Watch explain such an extreme overstatement?

As Dan Walters explains, the answer is simple: flawed interpretation of the term “inactive voter.”

In California, inactive voters are people who have voted at some point in the past, but that, essentially, have to re-register to vote, usually due to a change in residency.

The result, as Walters details, is a serious misinterpretation that, as we see in Allen’s blind trust, can cause plenty of confusion among those who fail to check their facts.

To quote Walters, “it is, quite literally, fake news.”

Read Walters’ more detailed analysis of Judicial Watch’s report here: Fake news: California voting rolls are riddled with ineligible voters





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