We continue our tour of the soon-to-be-reopened Fulton Street with Craig Scharton with the Downtown Fresno Partnership.

And, we are what could be called the heart of Fulton and the city, the Pacific Southwest Building. Scharton says it is the anchor of the Central Valley.

He continues to describe its success, even though most of it is fenced off because of construction. He points out the current business occupants and notes there is a waiting list for its lofts. He also says there are plans for a restaurant o the top floors.

As we moved north on Fulton, we came across the recently shuttered Payless shoe store. Scharton says the future plans are for two restaurants.

We then moved into a discussion about the likelihood of success for getting rid of the pedestrian mall and opening Fulton back to auto traffic. I asked how long it will take for things to come back to life when the street fully re-opens in October.

Scharton says that even though Fresno was the second city in the country to convert a street into a pedestrian mall, it is one of the last to convert it back. He says that 90% of those downtowns revitalized in four years. That is what he is hoping for. He says it is up to the community to make it happen.

In our next installment, I ask Craig what is on the mind of everyone…where to park.

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photo: David Taub

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