David Taub asks Nancy Pelosi to comment on bringing water to Central Valley farmers.

See her responses about water storage, the Temperance Flat dam, and the endangered species act.

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3 Responses

  1. Tim

    She has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. She has no coherent response because she knows nothing about the subject. It’s hard to imagine that someone representing California has nothing to contribute concerning the water issues that continue to plague the state. Sad very sad that this is the best California can do.

  2. cindy picha

    well we DONT have the water we need to grow our crops because water from here in the north part of the state is put into a canal that goes all the way to the southern part of the state so they can use it however they please !!! It is really pretty disgusting to see the dead grass and dying farms and underwatered street trees here in the north so that people in the south can have a shiny car .

  3. Bob Rickard

    The CA congressional delegation has a number of issues beginning with ‘Hands Pelosiii der babbler’ and to that list we add DF, MW, JS, KH, just highlight some of the wingnuts with power.

    Therefore, if you live outside of SD, LA, SFO, Sacratomato, and the peninsula neighborhoods, you are considered debrie and intellectually deficient.

    Problem is, we are the ones that feed you. Remember, your liberal news outlets will never feed you. Time to broaden your skills set and embrace knowledge beyond your long eye lashes.

    Just saying.


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