In today’s Calmatters column, Dan Walters highlights one of the minute complexities of the newly-signed cap-and-trade bill.

According to Walters, Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes, along with other Republicans, were swayed in part by the addition of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1, which will place a new ballot measure before voters statewide in the November 2018 election. ACA 1 will ask voters whether, after 2024, legislators need a two-thirds vote to allocate monies gained through the cap-and-trade auctions.

As Walters points out, this proposal has the potential to allow Republicans to put a stop to the high-speed rail project, but it is also sufficiently weak that Democrats may easily utilize loopholes— and will only have to do so if it achieves passage on next year’s ballot.

Get more specifics from Walters’ article here: Could complex cap-and-trade deal derail Jerry Brown’s bullet train?

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