“Public art has immense value to a community. It reflects civic pride, a sense of place. It is as important as good architecture and good city planning.”

That is the philosophy of the man who will design the art at Mariposa Plaza.

Gordon Huether met with the Fresno public Wednesday (July 19) at Workspace in the Pacific Southwest Building. He is a Napa-based artist whose public works have been seen around the world for more than 30 years.

“I don’t have a style. Basically, I’m all about telling other people’s stories. So, maybe what I’d do at Mariposa Plaza in Fresno is very different than an airport in Houston. I try to go deep and try to capture something about the community that is enjoying the public art,” Huether says.

But, Huether did unveil some concepts he is working on for Fresno. He says he is inspired by Mexican paper cutting patterning that will be made of thick sheets of metal.

I also asked Huether about the fact that no local artist was chosen for this project.

“It’s a public process. If local artist are interested in competing for these kind of projects, they should put their hat in the ring. It is my understanding, that no local artist competed for the project,” Huether said.

Huether will be paid $200,000. The money comes from a federal grant.


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