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Rescued Animals Making A Comeback



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Two weeks after more than 950 animals were discovered in the back of a truck in Fresno, GV Wire is checking in to see how the animals are holding up.
President of Fresno Humane Animal Services, Brenda Mitchell says things began June 23, when they received a call of something dead. What they found was an abandoned moving truck with 955 animals inside. The smell people had complained about was 18 dead animals, also inside the truck.
“We can only assume because of the variety of animals that were there and the ages and the quantity, that they were probably going to be going out to local flea markets and swap meets, which in Fresno County is actually illegal,” Mitchell says.
Among the animals rescued were roosters, exotic birds, rabbits, hamsters, ducks, and more.
The top priority was cooling off those animals, Mitchell tells GV Wire. “We began the process of food and water. And of course finding safe housing to put this many animals in,” she said.
Mitchell praised a recently opened animal refuge, funded by Granville Homes [editor’s note: Granville is the corporate owner of GV Wire]. “In one fell swoop, the Granville Refuge Building helped us save 955 lives. That’s a pretty big deal. That’s a huge impact,” Mitchell said.
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