In addition to some of the excitement at yesterday’s City Council meeting, there was less fanfare as Fresno saw some of its most integral city employees get a raise.

In two different votes, both unanimous, Fresno’s police officers and non-represented management positions (i.e. city manager, city clerk, director of public utilities, etc.) received an increase in pay.

According to Damon Kurtz, president of the Fresno Police Officers’ Association (FPOA), today’s approval marked the first time since 2006 that the city and FPOA have been able to come to terms on a new, non-extension memorandum of understanding.

The issue of competitive compensation for Fresno’s officers has been documented at length, but the council’s vote today was a step in the right direction for helping the department retain officers. The vote also helped to verify past declarations about commitment to public safety by some of Fresno’s leaders and make their claims more concrete.

Though clearly a positive development overall, the FPOA’s members split the vote to approve by a 59-41% margin, according to Kurtz. With contracts like these usually a slam dunk in terms of passage among members, Kurtz characterized the final percentages as “not very good numbers” that indicate “that the membership is still somewhat divided.”

“There is still an expectation that we don’t fall farther behind our neighbors in the industry,” Kurtz said.

All non-management police officers in the city will now see their monthly paychecks rise to the tune of 2%– for example, from $4,479 to $4,569 for entry-level recruits and $7,964 to $8,124 for the highest level sergeants.

The raise for management positions also came at a 2% across-the-board rate. These new salaries will now be aligned with the allocations provided in the newly-passed budget.

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  1. robert H. Oliver

    How does the 2% compare to Clovis increases;? Sheriff dept. increases?
    How long sine FPD rank and file got any raise?
    If there are disparities, seems they should be discussed.


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