After a month of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan, Valley Muslims celebrated Eid.

“This day is the conclusion of 29 days of fasting,” says Imam Seyed Ghazvini, who led services Sunday morning (June 25) at the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno. “During this month of Ramadan, people fast, pay charity, pray.”

During Ramadan, Muslims fasted from sun up to sun down, abstaining from eating, drinking, and smoking. It is also a time Muslims performed charitable acts.

Fresno heart surgeon Dr. Shams Khwaja talks about what Ramadan means to him. “It is a period of fasting and remembering God and remembering the religion,” he says. “It is a difficulty period of time because of the fasting certainly, but it helps to continuously remember God, read the Quran and then at the end celebrate accomplishments.”

During his sermon, the Imam asked for unity. “Especially Almighty God, we ask you to defeat extremism and terrorism. Almighty God, defeat them because they are not our representative. They do not talk in our name. They have hijacked our faith.”

After prayers, it was finally time for a hungry community to break their fast.

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